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    Too often, small and medium sized businesses, just simply are not taking advantage of the R&D and many other incentives. A comedian once said that 90% of life is showing up. The same is true with tax for small and medium sized businesses. You need to show up. 

    Senator Chuck Grassley
    Three-time Chair of the Senate Finance Committee

    How Much Can You Get?

    A general rule of thumb is that for every $1,000,000 in qualified expenses, a company can generate $80,000 – $100,000 in R&D tax credits. 

    This simple rule of thumb helps companies determine if it makes sense to undertake a full R&D tax credit study. During the study, additional expenses such as supplies, cloud computing expenses and outsourced development costs can be added to the total qualified amount, boosting the tax credit figure. Additionally, there are a variety of other nuances and rules that can help increase the qualifying expense and subsequent tax credit. 

    To see if you qualify for R&D tax credits simply schedule a 15-minute call with the team at RecoupeTax. It’s free, but it could be worth millions!

    How Do R&D Tax Credits Impact Your Business?

    You will be able to go back three years the first time you apply for R&D tax credit, creating a one time cash flow windfall as the government returns some of your previously paid taxes to you. Plus, you get to apply for the credit every year going forward. Between revenue growth and creating better systems to track R&D work more accurately, usually you’ll be able to increase the amount of year R&D tax credits year after year.

    Our clients constantly thank us for educating them about the power of R&D tax credits!

    How Do I know If R&D Tax Credits Will Work?

    Does your annual effort to minimize your tax payments include applying for R&D tax credits? How much do you know about R&D tax credits? If your answer is “Not much,” you are in good company. Almost 90% of businesses that are eli- gible for R&D tax credits either don’t know they are or don’t believe they are.

    What Industries
    Can Get R&D Tax Credits?

    • Manufacturing
    • Tech
    • Medical Devices
    • Government Contractors
    • CBD