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RecoupeTax was founded to achieve a simple mission: help companies reduce their taxes and increase cash flow by maximizing the tax credits available to them. 

We’re a specialty tax credit consultancy. We aren’t replacing your CPA. CPAs are a critical part of your team for tax planning and preparation. Unfortunately, very few CPAs have the expertise or resources to appropriately handle tax credit substantiation. That’s where we come in! RecoupeTax typically works with CPAs to gather the right data for analysis. Think of your CPA as the family doctor and Recoupetax as the specialist focused on a very specific issue.

Matt Dieter

Over the past 20 years, I’ve launched or run over a dozen businesses. I was intrigued by the IRS’s R&D tax credit, but as I tried to learn more about it my eyes glazed over. All I wanted to know was: does this benefit me? Can I get money back and how much? But all I found were insanely complicated explanations of what the R&D tax credit is and not what it can do for me. I’ve worked in investment banking, for PWC, and for Grant Thornton. I understand finance and numbers, but the R&D tax credits were a black hole. My mission is to help business owners, CEO and CFOs get money back from the IRS. You deserve to be rewarded for your innovation efforts. Reach out to the Recoupe Tax team and get your money back!

Powers Kane

Throughout a career involved in all manner of software and services, I’ve learned that it is far more rewarding to provide a tangible benefit to businesses than a “nice to have.” In fact, there is no bigger thrill than when a business owner or executive calls to say “thank you.” My mission is to help businesses grow and thrive and there is no better way to do that than to help increase their working capital. That’s what the R&D tax credit is: no strings attached cash that you can immediately re-inject into your business. This is money that will have a palpable impact on your organization each and every year. Even better, the government WANTS you to take advantage. All you need to do is go get it.

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