Did you know the government provides tax credits for employee retention and innovating your products? Is 15 minutes worth $1,000,000 to you?
Powers Kane
RecoupeTax Founder

As a business owner, I’m focused on outcomes. Tax credits can be a huge benefit to your business, but they are complex. Let us focus on the heavy lifting of calculating and justifying tax credits while you focus on growing your business. The best part is we only get paid if you qualify for a tax credit.

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At RecoupeTax, our sole focus is getting our partners every dollar of tax credits they deserve. Leverage our proven methodology and experience to make the complicated, cumbersome process of applying for tax credits simple and easy.


The Holy Grail of tax credits. If your business does anything innovative, such as developing new products or business systems, you could be leaving millions of dollars on the table - each and every year!


The pandemic hurt millions of business owners. If you qualified for a PPP loan, there’s a good chance that you can qualify for ERCs. Plus, ERCs aren’t a loan - in many cases, they are a direct cash refund to your business.


There are hundreds of tax credits at the local, state and federal levels. Way more than any CPA can track. Let RecoupeTax conduct a tax credit review for your business and see how many credits you are eligible for.

$1.5 Million in Tax Credits!! And that’s just in 4 years!

RecoupeTax approached a mid-market specialty software firm about the R&D tax credit. After an initial consultation and document review, we were able to share the great news! They were eligible for over $1.5 million in R&D tax credits, spanning 2016-2020.

Because the tax returns for those years were already filed, the company will get the $1.5 million back as a refund.

What could your business do with a $1.5 million cash infusion?

Working with
RecoupeTax is as
Easy as 1, 2, 3!



We quickly determine your eligibility and get you a high-level estimate of your tax credit.



You supply the data, we do the heavy lifting – detailed analysis and comprehensive documentation.


File and Smile

File the necessary forms and smile all the way to the bank!

$100,000 in Employee Retention Credits.

After a rough 2020, it was recommended to the head of a 10-person metal fabrication company that he consult with RecoupeTax. After a brief discussion, RecoupeTax determined that the company was eligible for the ERC in 2020 and very likely Q1 2021.

After the company submitted the necessary information, RecoupeTax calculated and substantiated an Employee Retention Credit of $50,000 for 2020 and $49,000 for Q1 2021.

Learn how you can get paid for keeping your team employed.

We’re Different!

We’re not an accounting firm. We’re a specialized tax credit consultancy. What this means for you and your business is that:

  • We speak in terms you can understand
  • We work virtually so you pay less
  • We know first-hand the challenges of growing a business
  • We have a world-class team of professionals with decades of experience