It’s your money. Get it back.

Use R&D tax credits to easily recoup money you invested in improving your products, processes and software. You took the risk and the government wants to reward you!

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What is an R&D tax credit, and how can it put cash in your pocket?

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Bolster your growth, scale faster, and improve your bottom line.

Plus, pay less in taxes and increase your cash flow.

Reduce Taxes

Increase Cash Flow

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Recoupe Tax’s sole focus is getting our partners every dollar of R&D tax credits they deserve.

Leverage our proven methodology and experience to make the complicated, cumbersome process of applying for R&D tax credits simple and easy.

Dozens of industries are eligible! Are you?

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R&D Tax Credits by the Numbers

About Recoupe Tax

Recoupe Tax is a team of tax, technical, and business experts specializing exclusively on federal and state R&D tax credits. Combining our expertise and streamlined process, we help companies reduce their tax liability and increase cash flow. Maximizing the R&D tax credits they are owed for taking on the daily risk of continual innovation enables our clients to continue to grow, scale, and reach new heights of success. It’s your money, let’s get it back.

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